Milan Municipal Elections 2021
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About me

My name is Stefano and I’m 35 years old.
I am a lawyer and university researcher and I have been dealing with civil rights, the
environment, gender equality and legality for a long time.
I am applying as a city councilor on the Mayor Sala Civic List.

I decided to run for the City Council with the list of Mayor Sala, because I would like to make a contribution of civil commitment to politics.

come si vta

How to vote

Do you have the Voting Card? Excellent, at this point, on election day, you can go to your
polling station (your polling station is indicated on the voting card, each polling station has a
different address, based on the area in which you are resident). You will also need to bring an
identity document with you.


I’m working on proposals: if you want to tell me something, write me, every good idea comes from listening and comparison


+ 393515949194

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