ste buce candido

I decided to run for the City Council with the list of Mayor Sala, because I would like to make a contribution of civil commitment to politics.

The Covid tragedy has brought the planet to its knees and, of course, also our city Milan, which, until then, the Mayor had been able to administer with pragmatism and foresight.

During 2020 we have lost about 60% of the tourist flow, a trend that we can reverse with policies that think about the medium-long term and that put people at the center.

As I told in my short biography, I believe in freedom, in European Union, and in a multicultural society that recognizes people beyond the status of “foreigners”.

Despite all its undeniable contingent defects (which will certainly have to be corrected and improved over time) when it came to facing the pandemic, the European Union was there.

And it has guaranteed us more than 200 billion euros with the Next Generation EU plan.
This is the largest debt investment plan in the history of the country. Deciding what to do with it, however, is up to us alone and the choices we make today will determine how the world in which we will live and in which the next generations will live will be made.

We can choose to retire on the defensive, to barricade ourselves, raising barriers in the hope of
going unnoticed.
Or we can react: and choose to open up to the outside and bet on the future.

We can decide that the watchwords for the next few decades will be environment, rights, innovation, technology, gender equality, women empowerment, economic freedom, merit, sexual freedom, social inclusion.

We can base our future on these values: not the day after tomorrow, but today, tomorrow morning as soon as we wake up, in this instant, here and now.

Starting with Milan, our city: the most European of the Italian cities.

I am applying for the City Council to try to give substance to some ideas.
I wanted to divide them into areas, recalling the spending chapters into which the Next Generation EU will be divided.
It is a range of small proposals for a better city, in line with the spirit of our Mayor’s program, which I would like to thank for wanting to trust my generation. We now have the task of living up to this opportunity.


If you have any proposals, questions or want to help and support me in my campaign, you can contact me at any time.


+ 393515949194


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