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Who can vote?

Those who can vote for the municipal elections of Milan:
– all Italian citizens residing in Milan, aged 18 and over
– all citizens of a European Union country, residing in Milan (even if not Italian citizens) aged 18 and over

Voting Card

To be able to vote in the municipal elections of Milan you need an electoral card.
The electoral card is free and permanent.
If you do not already have it, you can request it at the “Electoral Office” in Via Messina 52-54 or at any registered office in the Municipality of Milan.
But remember to do it in advance, don’t wait for the election day!

How to vote on election day.

Do you have the Voting Card? Excellent, at this point, on election day, you can go to your polling station (your polling station is indicated on the voting card, each polling station has a different address, based on the area in which you are resident). You will also need to bring an identity document with you.

If you want to vote for me, you will have to cross the “LISTA SALA” logo and write BUCELLO on the line next to the symbol.
Be aware: If you don’t also write my surname in the space provided, you won’t vote for me, so it’s not enough to cross the logo on the list!


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